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So recently I found even more links that are so useful as well as adorable and here I am, sharing with the Tumblr community again. My previous masterpost can be found here.
Health tutorials:

How to get perfect skin
Healthiest food you can eat<- good for those who want to lose weight and eat healthy
Stretches to do while watching TV(get a hot-bod without going to the gym!)
Why you should never drink bottled water
Being a little fat is fine(no really, you’re beautiful as you are)
Unhealthy facts about everyday food

Perfect Makeup Tips:

Awesome eyeliner trick Thank god for this!
Stunning Disney Makeup
Very easy curly hairstyle
Amazing tips for beautiful blush
Simple Nail art tutorial <- I can finally do my own nails)

Beautiful sceneries:

Stunning starry skies
You won’t believe these clouds are real #3 blew my mind
The most unique travel destinations
Awesome Wall Gardens<- I want to have one someday 
The most beautiful places on earth

Have a little faith in Humanity:

Unbelievable animal friendships
Things people with siblings will understandThis is so true :o
They told this little boy his dog is going to be put down. His response STUNNED them.
Animals being Humans
Amazing close ups of the Human Eyes(I’ve never seen the human eyes like this before)
Unbelievable creative furnitures
Disney love GIFs AWWW!

I didn’t realize this master post will be so long! Like/Reblog this so you can find this post again when you’re bored. Do remember to check out my previous masterpost. You’re welcome ;)